MJ Sailing: Anchoring Progress

In their latest video, the dynamic duo at takes us through the next phase of their 42-foot catamaran build, focusing on the anchor locker. This critical space is the epicenter for various mechanical elements, prompting the need for meticulous preparation before diving into electrical and plumbing installations. As they embark on this segment of the project, the team is armed with the usual suspects of tools for the laborious yet necessary fairing, sanding and priming.

We can feel the cold weather coming on here in Maryland, so it's a rush to get a lot of projects in ambient air spaces completed as quick as we can. Matt continues work on our forward lockers, getting some bilge paint in the spaces and turning them into a clean white color. One of his jobs, after painting half of the center locker, is to make a table where our windlass will sit, and reinforce it so that it can handle all the anchor chain coming in. Inside the boat, we're getting further and further along with our finish work, actually applying primer to two spaces this week. It seems like no two areas are in sync with each other, so while one section is getting its last coat of high build, our master head is getting its very first coat!

Locker Preparations:

MJ Sailing delves into the anchor locker's intricacies, demonstrating their unyielding commitment to detail that we continue to see time and again. Matt showcases their work on reinforcing the anchor locker shelf, emphasizing the importance of strength to withstand the forces exerted by the windlass. TotalFair is featured in the process, ensuring a robust and durable finish. The video captures the meticulous steps, from painting the locker to reinforcing it, offering a comprehensive guide for fellow boat enthusiasts.


Fairing and Priming Challenges:

Matt and Jessica reiterate that the fairing and priming stages are not exciting, yet very important and share their initial underestimation of the effort required in these steps for a flawless finish. Despite the setbacks, they express gratitude for the encouragement received from viewers and boat show attendees. With hints at exciting developments on the horizon, we know there is a promising payoff for the labor-intensive fairing and priming phases!


Matt showcases the application of high build primer on the master head, revealing the intricacies of the process and the importance of this primer in achieving a smooth and flawless surface, setting the stage for the next steps in the build process.


Guide Coats and Sanding Techniques:

Jessica shares some of their experiments with guide coats and sanding techniques to identify low spots and undulations in the primer, and their strategy to tackle imperfections. The transparency in their approach serves as a valuable guide for fellow boat builders navigating the challenges of achieving a perfect finish.

As perseveres through the arduous process of fairing, priming, and refining their catamaran build, the video concludes with a glimpse of optimism. Acknowledging the support from their audience and hinting at exciting developments in the pipeline, Jessica assures viewers that the hard work will undoubtedly be worth it in the end. Stay tuned for more updates as they progress through this captivating boat-building journey!

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Amazing journey for these 2! Can’t wait to see the completed boat! Kudos to Jessica and Matt!

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